Experiencing Flight

like never before

SMGDrones is the first FAA legal and highly experienced drone operator in South Florida.

Blending the dynamic technology of Unmanned Aerial Systems (aka drones) into useful applications, we are SMG DRONES, the first legal and approved drone operation in Palm Beach County.
Architecture and real estate 4k photography, 4k videography, tv/film/commercials, sporting events and more. We capture shots in a new perspective.
Drone crew consist of professionals; commercial airline pilots, film producers, editors, marketing majors and entrepreneurs.

Bring us your vision and we will bring it to life.

Call: (561) 427-9514 or email: misshadley@skywordadvertising.com

Are you in need of a legal drone operator?
Are you an operator with a 333 Exemption?

(561) 427-9514 | misshadley@skywordadvertising.com